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Rénovation du Mur Extérieur de L'Église Arménienne Apostolique St Grégoire L'Illuminateur

Phase I

2019/2020 – Cathedral’s Exterior Masonry Walls Restoration Project

In 2019 a thorough architectural study has identified that the

masonry and other exterior walls’ elements required immediate

repairs mainly in the bell tower area:

A project was defined to identify the exact condition of the outside

walls’ masonry structure, stones and precast elements such as

cornices, window and door frames.

A preliminary inspection of the entire building done on

November 15, 2018 by Beaupré-Michaud Architects and

Alex Maçonnerie had already initiated the project.


On March 15, 2019 a consecutive in-depth inspection of the entire building’s

exterior envelope has been processed by the same professionals, a report

issued to identify the urgency, phasing and budgeting of the needed repairs

by priority order:

Phase 1 was to address the immediate restoration of the bell tower exterior walls and roof as well as some repairs to the presbytery door wall.

The 4 future Phases will be planned to address the repairs on the remaining façades.

(Beaupré-Michaud Arch.: 8,623.14$, Alex Maçonnerie: 2,612.70$)


On May 23, 2019 a tender package (plans & specifications) has

been issued by Beaupré-Michaud Arch. to invite

5 specialized masonry contractors.

On May 29, 2019 construction permits

have been requested/issued (2,829.05$)

On June 7, 2019 three bids have been officially submitted by:

Alex Maçonnerie, Maçonnerie Rainville Frères, Maçonnerie

Expertise Robert Hardy and opened in front

of PC Chair.A.Sirinyan, Rev.Fath.D.Margaryan and the Architect.

On July 3, 2019 the contract has been negotiated and awarded to the

lowest bidder Maçonnerie Robert Hardy with a bonifyed scope of work

and improved schedule.

Work started on July 15, 2019 and was substantially

completed on December 2019 (Certificate of completion issued by the Arch.).

Weekly construction meetings have been held on site during construction

with the architect, the contractor and 2 Construction Committee representatives to supervise/authorize the contract completion within budget, including extra work due to unforeseen site conditions.

(Baupré-Michaud Arch.: 18,244.05$, Maçonnerie R.Hardy: 199,481.63$)


The bell tower’s interior structural brick wall showed

major cracks and failures, once the exterior stones removed

during construction, confirmed with a structural inspection

by Steven Unsworth Ing.

Consequently on October 1, 2019 a contract was given to the

engineer (plans & specs) and the contractor to reinforce the

upper part of the bell tower by adding an inner steel and

concrete structure anchored in the existing brick wall. Work

was completed on January 14, 2020

(Certificates of completion issued by Arch.& Eng.)

Telus collaborated graciously to reinstall equipments accordingly

in rented tower.

(Baupré-Michaud Arch.: 0.00$, Maçonnerie

R.Hardy & S.Unsworth Ing.: 45,990.00$)


On June 1, 2020 the Cathedral’s main entrance masonry door/wall

restoration and all restored stone walls protection

with a laboratory specified sealer was completed.

(Baupré-Michaud Arch: 0.00$, Maconnerie R.Hardy: 4,000$)

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